Message from the Founder
Isaac Marfo
The world needs to be at peace and be united. It is therefore vital to sound the trumpet of unity into the hearts, minds, body and Soul of the people of the world. The need to unite people of the world through music made possible for Hunu Nkpe Jazz band to devise a means to institute something which would be a legacy when they are no more to draw people all over the world to Ghana to celebrate this great festival called Unity international festival.
It would be held annually and is meant to bring honour to the world. We thank God for making it possible for us to take such a good step which we know would benefit the entire world. It has also made it possible for the band to come with a song titled unite the people. If you have access to the CD you would know this song which begins with a hymn and it goes like this “We call on you mother Africa come and unite us.
Through Hunu Nkpe Jazz Band this festival had come to stay and we would encourage everyone to be part of this great festival to celebrate and to continue with the great work our forefathers begun to also be remembered in future Hunu Nkpe Jazz Band has given birth to Unity International Festival to unite everyone. We have walked on the streets and realized that we are not united and if unity prevails in Ghana and anywhere in the world things would be transformed
Unity is paramount in every society and there is nothing you can achieve without being united. We want unity to fall on teachers, farmers, lawyers, doctors and everyone on earth and this was the main reason Unity International Music Festival was birthed.
We encourage people all over the world to join hands in unity to celebrate this festival to bring honour to the entire world.
Thank you and stay blessed