Ike is the leader and trumpeter of the Hunu Nlpe Jazz Band has been playing the trumpet for the past twenty years.

He has played with bands like Omaniaba dance band; Obadzen cultural troupe; Megastar band; Gold nuggets band; Dzidudu jazz band; Bawasaba band; Sane koye; Supreme band just to ment-ion a few


  • listening to music,
  • swimming
  • cooking

Comrade Kwesi Pratt, Jnr.

Board Member

Comrade Kwesi Pratt, Jnr. is currently the Managing Editor of The Insight, a daily newspaper established in 1993 as an alternative medium. It focuses on the promotion of Pan African ideas and Socialists activism.

He is also a Director of Pan African Television (PATV) which is currently broadcasting to 46 African countries and Europe. The PATV is dedicated to the promotion of ideas which liberate the African people from the clutches of poverty, ignorance and disease.

He trained as a journalist in the Ghana Institute of Journalism (GIJ) from where he graduated in 1974.

Since graduation Comrade Pratt has worked with the Ghana News Agency (GNA), the Ghanaian Times, the Ghanaian Voice and several media outlets at home and abroad.

He also served as President of the Private Newspaper Publishers’ Association of Ghana in the year 2010 and as a member of the National Media Commission from 2015 to 2016.

Evelyn Biriwaa Ofei

Board Member

 Evelyn, a production Manager has played a role in improvement of the health of the common Ghanaian for the past twenty two years with a Bachelor’s degree in Pharmacy from Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology and a second degree in Business administration- Finance option from the University of Ghana Business School, Legon.

She is a determined and self-motivated professional, who is passionate about organizational management and administrative excellence. Having obtained over a decade’s experience in managerial and organizational positions, she has groomed herself into a well-versed and versatile professional who has excelled in various areas of organization development and the coordination of programs from inception to conception and beyond. In the last twenty two years she has taken up numerous challenges which include being a key person in the start-up of 3 Pharmaceutical manufacturing industries. Notable amongst this is her role in the manufacturing of stable generic Anti- retroviral drugs.

Currently, Evelyn Ofei is the General Manager responsible for the Liquid manufacturing plant at Entrance Pharmaceuticals and Research Center. She is solely responsible for the procurement, inventory control and the manufacturing activities of the Non-Beta liquid dosage forms.

Her love for music is so passionate that she joined joyful way incorporated, one of the leading gospel music groups in the world where she became the deputy prayer and counseling director and also the vice president.

Edith WeUtonga

Music Business Consultant

Edith WeUtonga is an award winning musician and actress with over 20 years in the arts industry. She is the founding member and President of the Zimbabwe Musicians Union and sits in the presidium of the International Federation of Musicians . Her studies in Music Business and contributions to community development through music in the United Kingdom make her an expert in the field.